Who Am I?

My name is Amy D. Penny, I am a healer, creator and wild woman. I am The Healer Chick.  My mastery is healing and I am a Reiki Master. I believe in a lot of things.  I believe that our physical bodies can withstand a lot, but at the same time can be pushed to some incredible limits. I am also an ordained minister with UCL seminary since 2011.

Your Wellness Matter

I have an understanding of how thoughts and emotions can collect in the energy field causing glitches and eventually manifesting into the physical body as disease.  Realizing and releasing pent up emotions, fears and worries are the beginnings to ridding the body of disease and finding wellness.

Finding Balance

My goals are simple - to help you obtain and maintain balance in your life - the balance between your physical body, your mind (emotional body) and spirit.  The more balanced you become, the easier it is to deal with the ups and downs of life.  Life becomes more enjoyable when you choice a new perspective.  With a sunnier outlook on life, your health will benefit and from there the spirit rejoices and soars.